Dorothy Bloxham – Special Presentation

The High Bailiff of Cricklade, Clive Smith, made a special presentation to Cricklade resident Dorothy Bloxham, who celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday. She was joined by family, and friends from Open Door, at the Jenner Hall this afternoon where there was also a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ with the music provided by members of the Cricklade Band led by Paul Hewer. Happy Birthday Dorothy!

Pasture Pumps

North Meadow has been  managed as Lammas land for hundreds of years, a hay crop is grown from 12th February until July and this is followed by aftermath grazing from Lammas Day 12th August to Candlemas Day on 12th February.

The grazing animals would normally drink from the River Thames and River Churn which surround North Meadow. By entering the rivers the animals introduce silt into the water, creating a water quality problem which damages fish spawning beds resulting in poor fish populations. Continue reading “Pasture Pumps”

Cricklade Court Leet on TV August 24th 2016.


Channel 4 “Rivers” with Jeremy Paxman visited Cricklade on this day to record an episode of series for broadcasting on 26th March 2017. Jeremy walked part of North Meadow with High Bailiff (Clive Smith) Haywarden (John Barratt) and several other members of the Court. Where it was explained about the close relationship between the Court and  the management of North Meadow throughout the year,  Winter flooding, Spring Fritillary season, Summer/ Autumn haymaking and grazing to complete the year.

This was followed by a Court Meeting to show how the ancient court works in this modern day and age.

Lighting of the Cricklade Jubilee Beacon – 2012

Left to Right: Chris Atkins (Town Crier), Cathy Atkins, Clive Smith (High Bailiff)

The Manorial Court for the Hundred and Borough of Cricklade celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the official lighting of the Cricklade Jubilee Beacon at Saxon’s Rest on Monday 4th June 2012. A Beacon Ball was held in the Town Hall as part of the event with the Lord of the Manor, Mr Mike Neeld igniting the Beacon at 10.15 pm.


Presentation of the Court’s Yard Stick in 1991

Ralph Neeld, Lord of the Manor, receives the court’s measure from Mary Baker.

Ralph Neeld, Lord of the Manor being presented with the Yard Stick measure by Mary Baker from the drapers shop. Now in Cricklade Museum along with other important Court artefacts. The presentation took place in the Town Hall car park.