Freemen Rules

The rules previously agreed and ratified by Court Members were the basis for nomination.

The Rules of Appointment

We, the Lord of the Manor and Officers of the Manorial Court for the Hundred and Borough of Cricklade (herein after referred to as ‘the Court’) herby declare the desire of the Court to appoint Honorary freeman of the Hundred and Borough of Cricklade. We further declare that :-
1.The position of Freeman, being honorary, shall confer no rights or privileges on the holder.
2.The Court will confer Honorary freedom on persons who in the sole opinion of the Court have given outstanding or exceptional service for the benefit of Cricklade.
3.Not more that ten Honorary Freeman shall be living at any one time.
4.1 Nominations for appointment shall be submitted by one proposer and five supporters (all of whom shall be officers of the Court) to a meeting of officers to be held prior to a Court Leet for the purposes of determining the business to be discussed thereat.
4.2 Elections shall be a simple majority at a meeting when not less than twelve officers shall be present.
4.3 The Lord of the Manor shall not vote and shall agree to undertake the duties of teller at such election. (In his absence the Steward shall forego his vote and so act).
4.4 The Lord of the Manor shall, in any case, have the power of veto over a proposed appointment.
5. Appointments shall only come into affect after confirmation by the Lord of the Manor acting on the recommendation of the Jury at a Court Leet.
6. If it desires, and, having good reason so to do, the Court may, at its sole discretion, cancel, or withdraw any nomination or appointment of Honorary freeman.
7. The term Honorary Freeman shall be deemed to refer to persons of either sex and appointments thereto shall be open to all persons regardless of sex, creed, or nationality.
8. A Roll of Honour shall, with the agreement of the Trustees, be placed in Cricklade Town Hall to display the names of all Honorary Freemen.
9. The Court may from time to time, amend these rules or issue supplementary standing orders by a simple majority of not less than twelve officers in formal meeting and subject to confirmation by the Lord of the Manor

Approved and Ratified on behalf of the officers
21st February 1987

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